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Living in Hutto, Texas

Fast Facts About Hutto

Population (2020): 27,577

Distance from: 

  • Austin, TX: 30min
  • Waco, TX: 1hr 15min
  • Houston, TX: 2hr 45min

Nearest airport: 

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $37,014 
  • Household: $87,333

County: Williamson

Type of location: Rural

Why is Hutto a Nice Place to Live?

The city of Hutto is located near the edges of the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Area. It’s a growing area and has won awards as the “Top Place in Texas to Raise a Family.” Even though it’s only a short drive from Austin, the cost of living is a bit lower in Hutto, saving you about 17.5% overall. The schools are decent and improving, and have great sports teams with lots of community support.

Job prospects are good and those willing to commute or work hybrid in Austin can feasibly do it. Residents like the family-friendly community and growing economy. More neighborhoods are being built and businesses are popping up. Despite the growth, it’s maintaining its small-town feel. The crime rate is low too. In fact, Hutto was named the safest city in Texas by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

What is Hutto Known For?

If you love hippos, move to Hutto! It’s known as the “Hippo Capital of Texas” because of its high school mascot and admiration for the animal. You can even go on a self-guided hippo tour to see around 3,000 concrete hippos around the city. Make sure to visit Henrietta, the 14,000-pound concrete hippo that lives in Hutto’s Old Town.

There are an array of interesting activities to do in here. You can take hot air balloon rides, visit Hutto Lake Park, and attend the many events hosted by the city. If you’re a golfer, The Dallas Morning news says Hutto has one of the best golf courses in the state.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Hutto?

Be sure to visit all of Hutto’s best restaurants. And, if you’re a true and dedicated foodie, the best Austin eats are not far to drive.

Some of Hutto’s best restaurants include:

  • Hippo Café has to be a stop if you want the full, hippo-loving experience with desserts included
  • Wen’s Cafe is a favorite in Hutto, offering the best Asian food in the area like good wontons, shrimp rolls, and orange chicken
  • The Downtown Hall of Fame is the all-American place to find burgers, fries, grilled chicken, and even banana pudding
  • Anthony’s Pizzeria is where you want to go to get a pie or a slice for reasonable prices, even if the hours are a bit different, limited to late afternoon and evening

If you’re considering living in Hutto, there’s a lot to attract you. One thing you’ll want to know about is housing and the cost to buy a home. Get info on the local real estate market here, and a free report with median home prices and local inventory. Or, give me a call at 254-223-SOLD and I’ll help you find the information you need.


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