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With Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Salas Team you’ll not only get award-winning service, you’ll also receive exclusive insider information and free resources. Peruse our list to find the perfect FREE resource for your wants and needs. 

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Our most popular FREE resources are designed to save you time and money:

FREE Quick Online Home Evaluation

Find out what your home is worth with our fast, easy and free online home evaluation.

FREE Special Report – “The 9 Step System to Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar”

With our simple 9 Step System, you’ll be able to sell your home quickly for the most possible profit.

How To Sell Your Home for More Money

Discover what to do to sell your home for top dollar.

Find Out What the Home Down the Street Sold For

Find out what neighborhood homes sold for.

11 High-Cost Inspection Traps You Should Know About Weeks Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Save time and money by identifying common home inspection problems before ever listing your home for sale.

Tips and Knowledge

Divorce: What to Do About the House

Learn how to handle the issue of your home during a divorce.

27 Quick Easy Fix Ups to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar

Get your home in showroom condition and maximize your profits in less time.

For Sale By Owners: Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Learn 10 tips that realtors don’t want you to know so you can sell your home yourself. 

So Your Home Didn’t Sell the First Time

Steps you can take when your home doesn’t sell the first time on the market.

How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Home?

Will your home be one of the 40% that sell within the first month?

Important Issues

How to Avoid “7 Most Common and Costly Mistakes” Most Empty Nesters Make

Learn how to avoid costly mistakes as an empty nester.

Important Legal Issues That You May Be Unaware Of

Discover legal issues that may have serious consequences if not handled correctly.

Get the Highest Price You Can When You Sell Your Home

Get the information you need to avoid 4 common and costly mistakes when negotiating the price for your home.

How to Get the Price You Want and Need

Learn how to set a competitive price that will get you the profit you want and need.

Tips to Making Your Move Easier on Your Pets

Discover how to make your next move easier on your furry friends.

Parents: Preparing Young Children for a Move

Get helpful tips on how to make an upcoming move easier on your kids.

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