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Tips for Killeen, TX, Home Sellers to Prevent Getting Scammed on a Cash Offer

Tips for Killeen, TX, Home Sellers to Prevent Getting Scammed on a Cash Offer

Selling a home in Killeen, TX, is an exciting experience, but some home sellers also deal with some stressful situations during the home selling process. This is especially true when they do not have the right real estate agent helping and guiding them. One of the issues that home sellers may deal with is a cash offer for their home.

When home sellers hear that a cash offer is on the table for their homes, they may be quite happy about it. A legitimate cash offer means that you do not have to worry about financing or any of the other logistical issues that may arise. However, cash offers have historically been the work of scam artists. 

So, how can you tell as a home seller that a cash offer from a potential home buyer is legitimate or not? That is an excellent question since the cash offers in the home buying process can have the potential for a scam. That is why our experienced real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Salas Team in Killeen, TX, have put together some tips to help keep you safe and secure when selling a home for cash.

Getting Cash Offer Phone Calls for a Home That Is NOT For Sale

The moment a “For Sale” sign goes in your yard (either a real estate agent’s sign or the “For Sale By Owner” sign) it is common for phone calls to begin coming in. Most of the time, your real estate agent will handle all of those calls. 

When you sell a home by yourself, you will often get soliciting calls from other real estate agents trying to get the commission from your home sale. You may also get calls from potential home buyers making a cash offer, and it can be a challenge to figure out if the cash offer is legitimate. 

Occasionally, you may get phone calls with a cash offer when your home is not even for sale! In most cases, these calls are going to be scams. You may also get a cash offer in the form of letters or text messages.

The solicitation offers may come from the following:

  • Investors
  • House Flippers
  • Home Scammers

Most of these calls will be from individuals who are trying to buy a home for far less than it is actually worth. They do so by making a cash offer. They assume that when you see the high number of their cash offer, you will not realize that it is well below the actual worth of your home. They also expect that you may not know the market value of your home, so the cash offer is intriguing. 

Their cash offer, though, is far less than what you could get for a home on the real estate market. Even if your home is not for sale or you do not plan on selling a home in Killeen any time soon, you should be aware of the value of your home. And, if you are considering selling a home, be sure to work with a real estate expert to ensure you do not get scammed.

Home Scammers Are Not Your Friends

One of the most common characteristics of scammers who make a cash offer for your home is acting like your friend or savior. They claim to “just want to help” with their cash offer, but this should definitely throw up mental warning signals. 

Falling for this type of friendly cash offer scam can cost you thousands of dollars and even your home in Killeen. Very often, these individuals will seek out retired seniors or others whose homes are either in foreclosure or have too many repairs to complete before the house could be placed on the real estate market. In these cases, the “hero scam” could look enticing.

Stacey Wood, a psychologist, and professor at Scripps College in California has noted, “I see these scams a lot when I investigate elder abuse and exploitation cases.” The best way to avoid falling for these types of scams is to work with a professional real estate agent in Killeen such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Salas Team.

We will keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure from these professional scam artists. If you have gotten a cash offer for your home in the Killeen area, talk to us right away!

We Protect You and Your Home

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Salas Team, our Killeen, TX, real estate agents are able to spot a scam artist making a cash offer from a mile away! We will ensure that you only get legitimate cash offers when you sell a home so that you never have to worry about getting scammed.

When you work with our team, you will get the guaranteed home sale program. This guarantees that you will be able to sell a home in Killeen at a predetermined and acceptable price or I will buy it from you for CASH!* For more information on this guarantee or how to further protect your home from scammers making a cash offer, give us a call at 254-223-SOLD or fill out the form below with the requested information.

We look forward to helping you sell a home and move into the next phase of your life!

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