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Realtor Tip: Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Up To A Larger Home In Killeen, TX

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Many Killeen homeowners reach a point where they have to move into a larger home in Killeen. They like their current home but needs have changed in their life. Now a new dilemma comes up. You have to sell your old home and find a new home. Both are time consuming and can potentially be stressful. Just the work of selling one home and buying another could be potentially exhausting. Worse, you can find yourself in two very unpleasant scenarios:

  1. You could end up owning two homes with two mortgage payments
  2. You could end up without a home at all

For some home shoppers these thoughts alone could cause you to break  a sweat. Known as a catch 22, it is not a position you ever want to find yourself in.

Our free report called 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Trading Up To A Larger Home was created to help you be successful if you need a larger home in Killeen, TX while avoiding a catch 22 situation.

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place When Trading Up To A Larger Home In Killeen, TX

Have you ever heard the saying caught between a rock and a hard place? If you have not, put yourself in a situation where you are trying to buy one home and sell another. You will learn very quickly what it means and why no one ever wants to be in it. Of course, you may not have a choice when buying a larger home in Killeen, TX.  

So what do you do if you are at this point in your life? Say you are in a home that is too small. Moving into a larger home in Killeen, TX is the only solution to make you and your family comfortable. Likewise, many people have done this. For many it put them under a lot of stress. Fear and financial strain were the result. Tragically, many homeowners feel like they have to shelter this burden alone. 

You are not alone in this situation. Our real estate team in [insert your location] has solved this catch 22. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- The Salas Team offers a cutting edge program to make sure you will be nowhere near a rock or a hard place.  

Move Up To Any One of Our Listings, And I’ll Buy Your Home for CASH Guaranteed

We flip tough real estate situations on their head. If you are moving to a larger home in Killeen, TX we can assure you will not be in the doom situation of owning two homes or being homeless. If you choose to buy a home while selling your current home we have a guarantee to protect you. We absolutely guarantee your house will sell, or we will purchase your house for cash. This is called our Guaranteed Sales Program, and has given many homebuyers peace of mind.

This guarantee will protect you from the nightmares of other homeowners who have found themselves owning two homes. You can now rest easy knowing you can sell your home and not regret it. It is like a true “insurance” policy for a homebuyer.  

Contact us at 254-223-SOLD to learn more about how this program can protect you in your home buyer or home seller journey. 


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