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Realtor Tips: How to Pass a Home Inspection in Belton

Belton area home sellers can pass their home inspection with these tips. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’re likely wondering how to optimize the home sale while maximizing profit. 

Ultimately, it’s important to know the details of home sales and inspections. There are 33 specific problems that will be assessed during a home inspection and, even if you’re selling a newer or more modern home, there can still be a multitude of deal-breakers that could cause the sale to fall through. In this post, we will look at some of the best practices in order to pass a home inspection in Belton, TX.

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We’ve explored a few of the common problems to give you more information about what specifically could go wrong during your inspection:

  • Defective plumbing
  • Damp or wet areas
  • Structural or foundation problems
  • Roof issues

These common problems can cause you to fail your home inspection, ultimately putting an end to your home sale.

With our tips, you can be privy to these common issues. To find all potential problems with your home, have a full home inspection completed.

1. Defective Plumbing Can Cause You to Fail a Home Inspection

If you have defective plumbing, you may not even know it. Defective plumbing shows itself in two ways: leaking and clogging.

The home inspector will do a visual inspection for leaks and then manually check your water pressure for any clogging.

Another common plumbing defect is rusting pipes. If you turn on your faucet and the water appears brown, it’s a sign that you may have rust problems.

2. Damp Areas Are a Red Flag

If you have leaking pipes or have had them in the past, there is a chance that there will be wet or damp areas in your home. Most often, these areas are in the basement or the attic. 

A damp basement could also be caused by a sump pump or cracks in the foundation. A damp attic could also be caused by poor ventilation or a lack of insulation.

Mold and mildew are common problems in damp or wet areas. The smell could be a huge turn-off to homebuyers.

3. Don’t Let Foundation or Structural Problems Get You

Other issues that a home inspector will be on the lookout for are structural or foundation problems. The structural integrity of your home is important and without it, other areas of your home will start to give you problems. You can do a visual inspection for cracks or signs of problematic settling, but only a home inspector can tell you for sure if there’s a real issue.

4. Roofing Problems and Your Home Inspection

The home inspector will undoubtedly take a close look at your roof. They will check for deterioration of the shingles as well as damage from weather events. Such problems can cause big headaches for the interior of your home as well. 

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