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Living in Austin, Texas

Fast Facts About Living in Austin

Population (2022): 1,028,225

Distance from: 

  • San Antonio, TX: 1.5hr
  • Dallas, TX: 3hr
  • Houston, TX: 3hr

Nearest airport: 

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $41,242
  • Household: $75,752

Counties: Travis, ‎Hays‎, ‎Williamson

Type of location: Urban, suburban

Why is Austin a Nice Place to Live?

One of the most attractive things about Austin is its nine different neighborhoods. Each one has a unique flair and style and offers different attractions. No matter if you’re looking for a home near great food and culture, family-friendly community, or safety for singles and seniors, Austin has a neighborhood to suit your needs.

This well-known city is an international and metropolitan area rich with culture, sports, and good education. It offers both an urban feel and diverse suburbs. Austin’s territory is situated on the Colorado River and has three man-made lakes in the city limits. Like much of Texas, the climate creates long, hot summers but mild winters and pleasant fall and spring temperatures.

Living in Austin: What is Austin Known For?

As the Capital of Texas and the home of University of Texas at Austin, it’s both a government city and a college town. The city has also grown to become one of the tech hubs of the US. Many tech companies have headquarters in Austin such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Google, and Tesla. It also has a worldwide reputation for live music and is the home of the well-known SXSW Music Festival every year.

There’s no shortage of museums, music, and culture. Its catchphrase is, “Keep Austin Weird” and the area attracts unique and unconventional groups. The city has a high quality of life, good employment opportunities, and is less expensive than some of the other urban hubs in the US.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Austin?

It’s hard to narrow down to the best restaurants in Austin because there’s such a variety. From food trucks, to TexMex, to BBQ or vegan and vegetarian, you can find just about anything.

Some of the hottest places are:

  • Bird Bird Biscuit serves delicious biscuit sandwiches in Brentwood
  • Odd Duck is known as one of the best New American restaurants in Austin 
  • Suerte has amazing tacos and tamales with interesting ingredients like smoked goat barbacoa
  • Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ is a food truck with incredible TexMex and chopped brisket, pulled pork, and chicken.
  • The Beer Plant is a great vegan option that serves amazing bar food that’s 100% plant based

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