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How Do You Buy a Fixer-Upper Home in Killeen, Texas?

Learn How to Buy a Fixer-Upper Home

Interested in fixer-upper properties in and around Killeen, Texas? The decision to buy a fixer-upper home shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll need to make certain considerations before committing to this type of property.

Many home buyers have an unrealistic expectation of buying a fixer-upper home and then either living in it, or turning around and selling it at a profit. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the myths surrounding fixer-upper properties.

What Do You Need to Know About Fixer-Uppers?

Unless you have previous experience with fixer-uppers, you should do your research before deciding to purchase one. The biggest aspect that most home buyers don’t consider is the cost of the project. 

Many people think they’re getting a good deal on a fixer-upper home since the property itself is usually cheap. However, it’s common for renovations on a fixer-upper property to end up costing more than initially anticipated. 

That’s why anyone thinking about buying a fixer-upper property should make sure they have a flexible budget that can accommodate unexpected costs. Or, if you have the skills to do home renovations yourself, you can save a significant amount of money by taking on these projects yourself instead of hiring contractors.

Before buying a fixer-upper, be sure to assess your financial situation. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional home inspector to evaluate the home and determine exactly what needs to be fixed.

Budgeting can be overwhelming if you haven’t handled a fixer-upper project before. To help you out, our real estate team has created a guide on, “Fixer Uppers: Myths & Facts – What You Should Know Before You Buy.” 

This report will break down the top five things you should be aware of before purchasing a fixer-upper home. It also provides you with a simple financial formula you can use to see whether the project falls within your budget.

We Can Help You Buy a Fixer-Upper Home in Killeen, Texas

If you’d like to buy a fixer-upper home in Killeen, Texas, our real estate team can help you. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Salas Team, we’ve helped thousands of home buyers in the area find their dream homes.

We have an extensive library of buyers’ resources, as well as several unique buyers’ guarantees that can help protect you during the process. To download your free copy of “Fixer-Uppers: Myths & Facts – What You Should Know Before You Buy,” simply fill out the form below.

And to learn more about working with our professional real estate team to buy a home in or around the Killeen, Texas, area, give us a call at 254-223-SOLD.

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